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Bounce - HKJ

Like This - Alias 8

Don't Stop - Athson

The Final Frontier - Alias 8

Your Name's Not Down - HKJ

Voyager - Alias 8

Never Be - Athson


Hearsay (Athson Remix) - Simon Slee & Tina Alcorace

Hearsay (HKJ Remix) - Simon Slee & Tina Alcorace


Rock The Funky Beat - HKJ



Shake That Booty - HKJ

Back To Front - Athson

Dirt Nap - HKJ

T.S.O.A. - HKJ

Jenga (Re-release) - Zug Zug

Hear It Blow - HKJ


For Your Soul (Re-release) - Zug Zug

More Than That – Athson

Rippin' & Killin' - HKJ

Bombshell - HKJ


Kick A Hole - HKJ

The Track - Qu-Zen & Athson

Juice (HKJ Remix) - Iyla

Ananda (Athson Remix) - Stan Kolev

Unbelievable (HKJ Remix) - EMF
Aquiver - Athson

For Your Soul - Zug Zug


Gutterpunk - HKJ
Feel The Vibe - Zug Zug
Rain - Athson & Qu-Zen
Lightning - Athson & Qu-Zen
Thunder - Athson & Qu-Zen

Bottom Of The Mix (HKJ Remix) - 5Overeignty
Your Love - HKJ
Game On - HKJ

Badman (HKJ Remix) – Andrew Wowk & HKJ
Pull Up (HKJ Remix) - Pat Ryan & Sonny Digital
Send Out (HKJ Remix) - Ill Grand feat. Mica
​Shine Your Love (HKJ Remix) - Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious
​Police Tape (Athson Remix) - Da Mad Mixologist



On The Floor - HKJ
Big Bootay - HKJ
Feeling The Love - Athson
Badman – Andrew Wowk & HKJ

Get Up (HKJ Remix) - Kryoman vs DJ Jounce
Electrica Salsa (Athson Remix) - Glovibes feat. Juiceppe
Violence In The Workplace (HKJ Remix) - Kerosyn
Word To Spread (HKJ Remix) - The Funk Hunters & Charli 2na feat. Tom Thum
Station 9 (HKJ Remix) - DM


Jambo Jumbo – Athson
​Upside-down – HKJ
Donkey Roll – HKJ
Superman – HKJ
Tutti Frutti – HKJ
Open Wide – HKJ
Pump This Party – HKJ
Depth Charge – Athson
Back With The 808 – HKJ
Muthafuggin Bass – HKJ
More Than That – Athson
Keep The Fire Burning – HKJ

Chameleon (HKJ Remix) - Pnau
​Spirit (HKJ Remix) – Patterns
Beach (Athson Remix) – Jose Barnetche
The Creeps (HKJ Remix) – Freaks
I Like That (HKJ Remix) – JamLimmat & JuanJe Rodriguez feat. Nicci


Old School Beat – HKJ
Lick My Balls – HKJ
Apollo – Athson
Session 1.2 – Qu-Zen & Athson
Command Your Soul – Athson
Into The Groove – Athson

E-Nightmare (Athson Remix) – Fresh Otis


The Mack – Athson
Don’t Go – Damn Son!
Back 2 The Front – Athson
Let The Music Play – Athson

Spicy Tomato (Athson Remix) – Chillen
Los Objetos (Athson Remix) – dj’s Double Smile
Don’t Click It (Athson Remix) – NND


Key To Success – Zug Zug
Until The Day – Athson
Nobody – Zug Zug
Pork Knuckle Funk – Zug Zug
Amber Roads – Zug Zug

Another World (Athson Remix) – Spenda C feat. Zuri Akoko
Come On (Parallel World Remix) – Dublicate
Work That Body (Athson Remix) – Krafty Kuts & Tim Deluxe feat. Mike G
F8ck U (Athson Remix) – Pipo Monisperi
Activate (Athson Remix) – Slayerface
Good Life (Athson Remix) – Inner City
Kimono (Zug Zug Remix) – Funk V
Brain Damage (Parallel World Remix) – Rodridan
Forefather (Athson Remix) – Benga & Kano
Can’t Get Better Than This (Athson Remix) – Parachute Youth
Planet House (Athson Remix) – Zeljka Kasikovic & Aleksandar Savkovic
Original Soundsystem Style (Athson Remix) – 2DB
I Give You Love (Parallel World Remix) – Earthworm Joe
Perfect 10 (Athson Remix) – The Mane Thing
Here To Stay (Parallel World Remix) – Zomboy & Lady Chan
Dirty Baby (Zug Zug Remix) – Deep Shepherd
Wine Your Waist (Athson Remix) – Fellow feat. Breaka
I Find Love (Zug Zug Remix) – Easy Morph
Brasil 2014 (Zug Zug Remix) – Barak Maor
Party Bass (Athson Remix) – Bombs Away


Steal My Baller – Athson
How To Walk – Athson
Bargain Basement – Zug Zug
Make You Go Insane – Athson
Whatchu Know – Athson
Dirt Nap – Athson
Go To Work (Vocal Edit) – Athson
Hardcore Heaven – Athson
Go To Work – Athson
Go Low – Athson
All The Girls - Athson
Bang! – Athson
Feel The Vibe – Zug Zug
For Your Soul – Zug Zug

Call Pon Me Phone (Athson Remix) – Illegal Content feat. Steppa Style
Dance (Athson Remix) – Thomas Saint
My Curiosity (Athson Remix) – 3rd Floor Magic
The Sign (Athson Remix) – Virus Syndicate
Man Down (Zug Zug Remix) – Spieldose
McFly Was A Raver (Athson Remix) – K Lab & Funkdamunk
Snap Back (Athson Remix) – The Baker Brothers
Below Zero (Athson Remix) – Nick Sentience
Too Fresh (THDP Remix) – Too Fresh


Do Si Do – Spenda C & Zug Zug
Hip House – Zug Zug
Makmende – Zug Zug
Are You Ready – The Hump Day Project
House Party – The Hump Day Project
Saxy Times – Zug Zug

Once Again (Athson Remix) – D-Trax & Momo Dobrev
Dirty Symphony (Zug Zug Remix) – Gee-4rce
House Bitch (THDP Remix) – LunyP
Wardance (Athson vs Marky Mark Remix) – Heatwave
Hit Fondue (Athson Remix) – Spenda C
This Single Man (Athson Remix) – Magnifik
Clap Yo Hands (Athson Remix) – Spenda C
Whine Ya Waistline (Athson Remix) – Danny T
Whine Ya Waistline (THDP Remix) – Danny T
The Virgin Shuffle (THDP Remix) – Black Peter
Those Dancin’ Days (THDP Remix) – Monkey Safari


Bingo – The Hump Day Project
Rebotar – Zug Zug
Jenga – Zug Zug
Deep In The Jungle – Zug Zug
I Want To Make Some Noise – Spenda C & Zug Zug
The Real Deal – The Hump Day Project
Royal Flush – Athson
Yeah!! – The Hump Day Project
Flippit – BKP & 1 Man Army

Hello (THDP Remix) – The Potbelleez
Rock Baby Rock (Zug Zug Remix) – Natalie Moy
It’s A Daft Thing (THDP Remix) – Kraymer
Drop That Shit Back (THDP Remix) – Luki
Reach For The Lazers (THDP Remix) – Andy Murphy
You’re The One (THDP Remix) – MC Shureshock
The Real Deal (Zug Zug Remix) – The Hump Day Project
The Real Deal (Athson Remix) – The Hump Day Project
Electric Boogaloo (THDP Remix) – Wiley
We No Speak Americano (Zug Zug Remix) – Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
Yeah!!! (Athson Remix) – The Hump Day Project
We Bleed (THDP Remix) – Karton
Para Ti (THDP Remix) – Reekay Garcia
Still Hope For Jackson (THDP Remix) – This Is Massive
F*cking Rave Party (THDP Remix) – The Only
Filter Freak (THDP Remix) – Denzal Park
I Like (THDP Remix) – Chardy
Newtown Traffic (1 Man Army Remix) – N.O.C.


Lotus – Zug Zug
The Champion – Athson

Gangsta Gangsta (Zug Zug Remix) – Spenda C
Bombz In The Ghetto (1 Man Army Remix) – Adam Zae
Hornbo (THDP Remix) – Mat Cant & Scattermish
My Sound (THDP Remix) – Tom Piper
Touch (THDP Remix) – Futureflashs
Little Green Men (Zug Zug Remix) – Adam Zae
Ass & Titties (THDP Remix) – Signal Drivers
F*ck Me Baby (THDP Remix) – Neon Stereo
Chico (THDP Remix) – Danny T
Dip Dip (THDP Remix) – Danny T
It’s The Weekend (THDP Remix) – Andrew Friendly
Everyone’s A DJ (THDP Remix) – Oh Snap!
It’s F*cked Up (THDP Remix) – Black Peter Group


Deadline – Downtime
Suckerpunch – Downtime

Fruit Salad (THDP Remix) – Gameboy/Gamegirl
Nothingness (1 Man Army Remix) – OOTS


909 Kick – Impact
New Edition – Impact
Missing – Impact
You Lied To Me – Impact
Animate – Impact
Rise & Fall – Impact
China Bells – Impact
Holtorf – Impact
Tactical Espionage – Impact
The Playa – Impact



Apparatus – Impact
Fear – Impact
Bang The Box – Impact
Innermost Feelings – Impact
Not What I Used To Be – Impact
In The Sky – Impact
War Of The Worldz – Impact
Narcotic Selection – Impact
Fungle Junk – Impact 



Monkey Shines – Impact (Wildebassed Records)

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