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1991 was when Athson (aka Heath Jansson) first put needle to record, and the early 90′s saw him begin his career playing rave and hardcore (under the alias Impact) at various underground events in Adelaide. Things took off in 1992 when Heath hit the airwaves to host one of Adelaide’s leading dance music radio shows, Lunacy – for the next 6 years he would play the newest tunes every week and slowly built up a loyal following. Lunacy opened up a lot of opportunities including residencies at a number of venues and sets at some of the largest dance parties including Ultraworld, Waxworks and Pulse.​


The mid 90′s saw a broadening of musical styles and in 1996, he dived headlong into writing/producing hardcore and jungle which soon lead to performing live in addition to his regular DJ sets - his Impact Live Experience (featuring an MC and dancers) performed regularly throughout 97 and 98. Around this time he also expanded his skill set into promotion and hosted the Winterdaze and Summerdaze parties.

After relocating to Sydney in 1998, Heath released his first track, Monkey Shines on Wildebassed Music as well as musically making a move towards progressive house and breakbeat. His new direction lead to a chance meeting that gave him the opportunity to host a new kind of radio show, this time on internet station Pulse Radio, and Lunacy was reborn to a worldwide audience! Through the show Heath met and DJ'ed alongside Andrew Bell and Adam Forster and this lead to the formation of The Impossibles in 2004. Heavily influenced by breaks, The Impossibles championed the mash-up genre and their unique sound lead to residencies at Woof, Hijack, Break Inn and Wham! as well as support gigs for Freq Nasty, Deekline, JDS, Nick Thayer, Elite Force, Atomic Hooligan, Kosheen and Aquasky plus sets at the Good Vibration festivals in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

In late 2007 (amongst the whirlwind of gigs with The Impossibles) Heath teamed up in the studio with Steve Lind and the popularity of their first track, a remix of Don’t Hold Back by The Potbelleez, lead to more productions and eventually the creation of DJ duo The Hump Day Project. Under this new guise Heath and Steve pushed Baltimore-club influenced sounds playing regularly at Chinese Laundry, Candy's Apartment, Moulin Rogue & Empire (in Brisbane) as well as touring Australia. They also gained success with numerous tracks that have been featured in the sets of Utah Saints, Stanton Warriors, Ajax, and The Aston Shuffle as well as having a Hump Day remix feature on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection! To date The Hump Day Project have had releases on Sweat It Out, Gulp Communications, Neon Records, No Frills, Downright Music, MoS and Onelove and have remixed for Oh Snap!, Neon Stereo, Signal Drivers, Denzal Park and Wiley.

​As if playing gigs under various monikers wasn’t enough, Heath once again put his promoter’s hat on and in August 2008 he helped launch the monthly event Big Trouble at the Chinese Laundry to push new and exciting music. The night ran for a year and a half (eventually moving weekly) and in it’s time brought together a number of local Sydney artists – these friendships were instrumental in Heath starting the digital label Troublemakers Music in 2009 as a platform to release local dance music. Big Trouble was also pivotal in introducing Heath to Mark Ordona who then formed the production team Zug Zug, pushing tech and tropical house sounds with releases across numerous labels and even remixing the classic Yolando Be Cool & D-CUP track We No Speak Americano.

In 2014 Heath launched a new label Sounds Simple as a platform to release his own music and collaborations under his solo alias's (Athson for techno and house sounds and HKJ for his breakbeat, juke and ghettotech productions) and is consistently releasing fresh new music. Today he is still performing on a regular basis and in recent years has held residencies at Sydney venues such as the Tilbury, Strawberry Hills Hotel and Middlebar.

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